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Sewn with the inspiration of a heavy heart, I bring to you my Fall/Winter 2017 collection. I got the inspiration for my collection from broken love stories and James Bond. I am using aesthetics from the women in James Bond and combining those aesthetics with the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I took lines from several different novels and rendered them into a poem to tell the story.

Throughout my collection you are going to see the story written on the garments using large hand embroidery techniques, so as my collection evolves on stage so does the story. What I have written goes as follows:

My dear, my darling, you–

All I wanted was to love and be loved

I wish I had done everything on earth with you

But then it turned into dust in my hands

I want to know you moved and breathed in the same world with me…

He was a lover in a dream

And with a heavy heart, he turned away

So we’ll just let things take their course and never be sorry…

I am going to be using a monochromatic color scheme with the incorporation of a floral fabric with colors such as dark red, dark purple, dark green, and dark pink. To accessorize the garments I  will be using large black hats and wire to add another level of mystery and tragedy. With my collection already in the works, I am so excited for it’s debut on Saturday, February 25th. 

Madyssen Hrlevich