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hey hey.

i have figured out three things about myself: i am really good at not publishing blogs, i really like designing clothes, and i really love sharing my concepts with you people.

that is why i am here. typing words to teach you a thing or two about what is going to hit the runway in august. who’s excited? me. for sure.

i got the inspiration for this collection from my last collection. i am taking the sad and heartbroken character i began to develop with FW17, and i am building her character through my SS18 collection by displaying her thoughts and dreams throughout the romanticized stages of falling in love. on stage i am going to create this super cool intergalactic whimsical dreamscape that is going to tell the story of this girls imagination.

throughout the collection i am going to be incorporating really innovative silhouettes and designs. while you will still be seeing my signature tailored design style, you will also witness transforming garments and easy and fanciful movement.

get ready for Omaha Fashion Week’s biggest show to date. this will be the 10th anniversary show, and as a featured designer, be prepared to see some extreme talent the night of my show along with other shows! OFW isn’t the nations 5th largest runway and midwest’s premier fashion event for no reason.

be there or be unfashionable. (just kidding)

make sure to pay attention to my social media for updates when it comes to my discount codes and SS18 sneak peaks.

my collection will debut on Thursday, August 24th!